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We are a team of engineers based in Kraków, Poland.

We mostly work with tech startups from New York and the Bay Area. We use React, React Native, Flutter, Elixir, and Python, but we don’t like to limit ourselves – we adapt new technologies if they prove to be valuable for a project and we believe that everyone should at least partially be a full stack developer!

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Software Engineer Internship

We've offered summer internship programs every year since 2014 and winter internship programs since 2022 – and most of the interns stay with us after the internship (part-time work is possible as well).

For details, please return autumn 2023.

About the company

Our portfolio includes projects from various industries such as fintech, education, entertainment, broadcasting, financial and blockchain to name but a few. When we reach the limits of the existing tools we often build our own! Our strong focus on developing open-source technologies lead us to being one of the official partners of React Native. We are the creators of several popular libraries like Reanimated or Gesture Handler. We have great experience with building multimedia technologies. We've even built our own multimedia processing framework for Elixir called Membrane Framework, which we are constantly improving.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge, which is why we host various educational initiatives such as Software Mansion Academy, React Native Community Kraków and App.js Conf.

Our recruitment team

You think about applying but have some concerns? Or you already did it but still have questions? Patrycja, Olga & Katarzyna are always happy to help you!

Patrycja Pacocha
Patrycja Pacocha
Olga Kuryś
Olga Kuryś
Olga Kuryś
Katarzyna Wrona
Klaudia Pająk
Klaudia Pająk

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