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We are Core React Native Contributors.

Our tools

Our Reanimated library is the number one tool to build animated interactions used by most React Native apps.

React Native Gesture Handler

With React Native Gesture Hander, we provide native-driven gesture management APIs.

React Native Screens

React Native Screens is the core library that provides native navigation components to most React Native apps.


Expo is the leading toolkit for building React Native apps.

React Native SVG

React Navigation

Our partners


As Software Mansion works on the Expensify app, the React Native Open Source team provides expertise related to the Fabric Architecture, native code and React Native libraries.


Shopify has provided invaluable support for the development of our libraries, enabling the React Native Open Source team to continue to grow.

Learn about React Native

React Native Tutorials

We publish free video tutorials about React Native and the libraries we create and maintain.


Each year we organize App.js Conf with one goal in mind – to make it the React Native event of the year.

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