We are a team

of engineers.

We are a group of people with strong technical know-how, and we enjoy complicated, unconventional projects.

We are based in Kraków, Poland, but our clients come mostly from New York and San Francisco Bay Area.

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Right environment and time

step Bstep B

Bold idea

step Cstep C

Tenacity regardless of the conditions

Work culture

We draw from the experience of working with global startups and lead our projects using agile software development methodologies.

We are quick to react to the changes in product development, and we are always ready for the plot twists.



We choose our technologies based on whether it is the best fit for the project. While we have always been happy to try out new, cutting-edge technologies, we choose them by reason, not by fleeting trends.

In most of our projects, we use React, React Native, Node.js, Python, Ruby on Rails and Elixir — but we do not like to limit ourselves.


As the challenges we like to take on are exceptional, we focus on building an exceptionally talented team.

We hire developers who are flexible, willing to change projects and learn new technologies.

Open source

We build our own tools. We actively contribute to open source, working, among others, on Expo, Membrane, React Native Reanimated and Gesture Handler.

At the same time, we are an important part of the React Native community - we organize community meetups and a React Native focused conference called App.js.


We work for enterprises ranging in size - we draw from the startup culture and its informal style, but we accommodate well to mature organizations.

We are the technological core of many companies. You may be using our products and not even know it.


Join our team in Kraków!

We put a lot of energy into creating a welcoming and comfortable workplace. We strive to maintain a good atmosphere and pay a lot of attention to the way jobs are carried out.


If that sounds interesting to you, check out our openings.

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Software Mansion Spółka Akcyjna

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