We organize App.js Conf – the very first React Native & Expo conference in Europe.

We invite you to join App.js Conf and meet the creators of Expo, core contributors to React Native and learn about new libraries and projects first-hand and network with hundreds of other React Native professionals.

Watch the talks from the previous edition

Fernando Rojo - React Native 2030 - App.js 2023

Evan Bacon – Write Once, Route Everywhere: File System-based Navigation for Native Apps - App.js 2023

App.js Conf

2023 edition was a huge success so we’re already working on the next event. Follow us on Twitter or check out the App.js website


We proudly host regular meetups for the local React Native Community in Kraków.

During RNCK meetups you can meet core members of the community, learn and share ideas. You can be sure, that there are enough issues to solve for everyone. Join RNCK and become a member of the open-source community.

Watch the talks from the previous edition

React Native Community Kraków / RNCK #11 / April, 2023


The meetups are back! Don't miss any of the events - join our meetup group to stay up to date!


We use Elixir in our commercial projects and we’ve built a multimedia processing framework written with Elixir

We'd like to be an active part of the Erlang / Elixir community in Kraków, so we decided to host meet-ups to share our knowledge and popularize the technologies we build and use.

Watch the talks from the previous edition

Elixir Community Kraków / ECK #5 / March, 2023


We host Elixir Community Kraków meet-ups once in three months. Join our meetup group so you don’t miss the next event!


We make sure that developers interested in web3 have a place to learn and network.

We've just started building a community for web3 developers in Kraków. Make sure to join us to discuss the present and future of the web3 ecosystems.

Watch the talk from the previous edition

web3 krk #1 / July, 2023


We organize web3.krk meet-ups to discuss the topics around web3. Join our meetup group to be the first to know about the next event!


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