Marketing & Event Specialist

We are a Kraków-based software agency that has been on the market for over 10 years. Thanks to our steady growth rate of about 30-40% per year, we recently hired our 200th team member. Therefore, we are organizing more and more events for our employees, as well as continuing to build communities among the developers specializing in the technologies we create and work with.

About the responsibilities

We are not huge fans of strict job descriptions, as we believe in giving our employees a lot of flexibility in how they fulfill their roles. We do, however, definitely need some help with tasks such as:

  • organizing external events, such as our engineers meet-ups, the App.js Conference, and many more,
  • planning, coordinating, and actively taking part in our internal events,
  • coming up with new ideas for future events,
  • creating and publishing content on our social media,
  • helping with some employer branding initiatives,
  • proactively improving our communication strategy (this applies to clients, partners, and future employees).
  • Who are we looking for?

    Above all, we are looking for a specialist who understands the value of natural and authentic communication. That is why we are looking for someone willing to get to know us better, see how we operate, and find ways to use it in our external communication.
    This mindset and approach are crucial to us; however to work effectively, you should also:

  • have some professional experience in the areas of external communication, PR, EB, and broadly defined marketing,
  • know English very well (C1 or better) – almost all of our content, as well as most events and correspondence with our clients and sponsors, is conducted in English,
  • be highly organized – we are there to help you, but it is important you are also able to plan your work independently,
  • be willing to carry out various tasks, depending on the current needs, and not be scared of trying and learning new things,
  • be creative – as we are talking about the job in marketing, this one should be pretty clear. :)
  • Terms of Cooperation

  • Working from home once or twice a week is not a problem at all, but in this role we really value working mainly in our office. Only this way you can fully understand how we operate and feel the SWM vibe!
  • This is a full-time job. We work flexible hours, meaning that generally you’re in control of your own working hours but you should also adjust your schedule to some of our events and meetings.
  • We are flexible when it comes to the type of the agreement.
  • Why is it great to work at Software Mansion?

    Our employees are important to us, so we do our best to create a secure and friendly working environment. Our top priority is to keep our employees happy and healthy – the perks listed below are just a few examples of how we care.

    We take care of our employees’ wellbeing by providing:

  • flexible working hours – work whenever you like, as long as you are able to accommodate the needs of your projects,
  • 26 days of vacation leave (for employees on all types of contracts),
  • private healthcare – get professional medical care for you and your family,
  • sports packages – ability to obtain a sports card from Medicover Sport or Multisport,
  • therapist consultations – we are providing free consultations with a therapist to all of our employees,
  • nutritious breakfasts and snacks that are available every day at the office.

  • We actively support our employees’ growth and development by:

  • financing a training budget for all of our employees,
  • providing each employee with 3 paid R&D days during the year that they can use to work on educational side projects,
  • assigning each employee a mentor for their first 3 months on the job,
  • organizing group training sessions for technical and non-technical skills,
  • encouraging work-related initiatives such as presenting at conferences, writing blog posts, or organizing your own workshops within the company.

  • You can get to know all of your co-workers better by:

  • meeting everyone at our monthly All Hands sessions accompanied by pizza, sushi & beer,
  • signing up for one of our sports clubs, such as rock climbing or volleyball, or organize your own with our help,
  • taking part in one of our many workshops where you can get to know your co-workers better and learn things such as how to prepare sushi or what it takes to make a perfect espresso,
  • relaxing at our Software Mansion Mansion – we’ve recently organized workation trips for employees to places such as Masuria or The Canary Island, and are hoping to make it a tradition!
  • Our recruitment team

    You think about applying but have some concerns? Or you already did it but still have questions? Patrycja, Olga & Katarzyna are always happy to help you!

    Patrycja Pacocha
    Patrycja Pacocha
    Olga Kuryś
    Olga Kuryś
    Olga Kuryś
    Katarzyna Wrona
    Klaudia Pająk
    Klaudia Pająk

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