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About the company

We are a Kraków-based company that has been on the market for almost 10 years. Thanks to our steady growth rate of about 30-40% per year, we are close to hiring our 200th team member. Right now we’ve already hit 180, and we’re not planning on slowing down any time soon. As a result of this growth and other factors, we can take on new challenges, such as going public and developing our React Native and Membrane open-source projects. On top of all of that, we try to stay an active part of our local community by organizing events such as hackathons, meetups, workshops, webinars, and even our own conference App.js Conf.

As you can see, we have a lot going on, however, we don’t always communicate all that we are doing effectively. This is why we are looking for a specialist who’d help make this happen and put Software Mansion on the map.

About the position

As a company, we pride ourselves on being innovative and doing things our own way, not just blindly following trends. This is why we would like you to first get to know us and understand how we operate. We’ll answer all your questions and make sure you get all of the information that you need.

We aren’t huge fans of strict job descriptions, as we believe in giving our employees a lot of flexibility in how they fulfill their roles. We do, however, need help with the two main following areas:

  • PR/Marketing – building a vision and strategy for external communication (this applies to clients, partners, and future employees), and taking care of our social media channels.
  • Supporting EB efforts – cooperating with an external EB agency, as well as with the team responsible for recruitment, marketing, and events.
  • The role requires a lot of proactivity, and we hope that you will also recycle and upgrade some of our previous efforts. We have some well-established events, supportive strategic partners (for initiatives such as meetups, conferences, and open-source projects), and last but not least fantastic employees, such as:

  • people with large networks and connections that help make the impossible possible,
  • event managers that have extensive experience in hosting all types of events,
  • over 180 passionate employees who actively participate in all of our initiatives.
  • About your background

    In order for you to be a good match, you will need the following:

  • Professional experience in the areas of external communication, PR, EB, and broadly defined marketing.
  • The ability to work independently – you can count on our help, however, you will have to be proactive and organize your own work.
  • Creativity – you have to have an internal drive for constantly thinking of new ideas, and ways to change and improve your environment.
  • Fluent English (C1) – almost all of our content, as well as most events and correspondence with our clients and sponsors, is conducted in English.
  • Perks and Benefits

    You’ll be able to enjoy a hybrid working model, which will allow you to work remotely from time to time (this will be determined on a person-by-person basis, as we try to be flexible when it comes to everyone’s individual needs).

    At Software Mansion, keeping our employees happy and healthy is our top priority. The below perks are simply some of the ways that show we care.

    We take care of our employees’ wellbeing by providing:

  • flexible working hours – work whenever you like, as long as you are able to accommodate the needs of your projects,
  • 26 days of paid vacation leave (for employees on all types of contracts),
  • private healthcare – get professional medical care for you and your family,
  • sports packages – ability to obtain a sports card from Medicover Sport or Multisport,
  • therapist consultations – seeing as times have been tough lately due to the pandemic and other factors, we are currently providing free consultations with a therapist to all of our employees,
  • nutritious breakfasts and snacks that are available every day at the office.

  • We actively support our employees’ growth and development by:

  • financing a training budget for all employees,
  • providing each employee with 3 paid R&D days during the year that you can use to work on educational side projects,
  • assigning each employee a mentor for their first 3 months on the job,
  • organizing group training sessions for technical and non-technical skills,
  • encouraging work-related initiatives such as presenting at conferences, writing blog posts, or organizing your own workshops within the company.

  • You can get to know all of your co-workers better by:

  • meeting everyone at our monthly All Hands sessions accompanied by pizza, sushi & beer,
  • preparing for a delicious feast during our monthly company breakfast buffets,
  • sign up for one of our sports clubs, such as rock climbing or volleyball, or organize your own with our help,
  • taking part in one of our many workshops where you can get to know your co-workers better and learn things such as how to prepare sushi or what it takes to make the perfect espresso,
  • relaxing at our Software Mansion Mansion – we’ve recently organized workation trips for employees to places such as Masuria and The Canary Island, and are hoping to make it a tradition!
  • Our recruitment team

    You think about applying but have some concerns? Or you already did it but still have questions? Patrycja & Olga are always happy to help you!

    Patrycja Pacocha
    Patrycja Pacocha
    Olga Kuryś
    Olga Kuryś

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