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Szymon Kapała

Reanimated Layout Animations 

The webinar is designed to spread the word about Reanimated’s newest feature, Layout Animations. Szymon Kapała who is a member of our open-source team will explain how our layout animations work and what were the reasons that encouraged us to write them.

14 oct, 2021

Lydia Hallie & Evan Bacon

Native for React developers 

Do you know how React Native _really_ works? React for iOS and Android make it easier than ever before to build truly native apps using the same codebase, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to understand. Join Lydia Hallie (JavaScript engineer) and Evan Bacon (Expo) as they explain the architecture of modern React Native apps, how it compares to web development, how the ecosystem is developing, and what makes React Native the future cross platform development.

11 May, 2021

Jakub Adamczyk

Deep Linking in React Native 

The possibility of directing users to a specific place in the mobile application is a powerful marketing tool. Such functionality can be implemented with deep linking, which we are going to discuss in this webinar. We will explain what deep linking is and how it should be used. Furthermore, we will talk about services that provide deep link analytics, and about implementing deep linking in applications written with React Native.

1 October, 2020

Josh Goldberg

Speedy Expo Apps With Persistent Redux State 

React Native components can receive data from all sorts of places. Particularly complex applications using Redux have become notorious for confusing data flows and hierarchies. This webinar will go over how to structure your React Native application to use redux-persist’s persistent data storage. Josh will then go on to show the benefits of using popular open source libraries: popular documentation, knowledge transferability, and easy cross-library integrations.

6 August, 2020

Krzysztof Magiera

Reanimated 2 

Soon after the release of the new version of Reanimated, its author discussed the motivation behind adapting a completely different approach for the library design, and demonstrate the new API with practical examples of animations and interactions.

18 June, 2020

Haris Mahmood

Styles & Theming in React Native 

The webinar focused on the Restyle library, how it addresses many problems and pain points developers experience when managing evolving styles and theme support in a React Native app.

6 May, 2020

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